A short user’s guide

The guide is set up to allow you to search the entire schedule for the ISE-FP meeting from May 5-9, 2024. There are two main pages: one for Oral Presentations and the other for Posters. Ancillary activities like break times and special events (mixer, banquet, business meetings) are listed on the Oral & Main schedule page. The file contains the information you will need to find the talks/posters that most interest you, including their abstracts, location and time.

Oral Presentation

  • Target 12 min presentation with 3 min Q/A and Transition time for a total duration of 15 minutes (firm)
  • Your session moderator will assist you in starting your presentation and transitioning to the next one. Each moderator should be in the room 10 min before the session starts for questions, etc.
  • Presentation needs to be in a format compatible with Microsoft Office (PowerPoint) Please note that all presentations should be emailed to ise-fp2024@inrs.ca before May 1, 2024.
  • Name your presentation with the time of your presentation (24hrs system), your session number (see the detailed program for the session number and time), and your last name as in this example: 14h45_session2_Skywalker.
  • Bring an extra presentation copy on a thumb drive if needed.
  • Your session moderator will let you know when you have 5 min and then 2 min left for your presentation. Should they need to show the stop sign, please quickly wrap up. Be courteous to your moderators; they are volunteers, and some are students or young professionals having their first moderating experience.


  • Please use our preferred format 24″ X 36″ (60.84 X 91.44 cm) (or 36″x 24″), with max available space for each poster of 44″ X45″ (111.76 X 114.3 cm).
  • Note that we do not offer printing services.
  • The poster panels are localized in the foyer. Each poster has been given a number (see # in the program). Your poster should be placed where the corresponding number appears on the poster panels.
  • Posters should be installed Monday, May 6, in the afternoon (from coffee break) and removed Wednesday, May 8, before the banquet.

Moderator/session chair

  • We ask you to be in your room 10 min before the start of the session in case presenters need assistance.
  • You will be given 3 signs: a 5 min warning, a 2 min warning, and a red stop sign. Make sure the speaker can see you when presenting.
  • We ask you to keep a good track of time to allow participants to move between rooms between talks if they wish. It can be daunting to stop someone’s presentation, but this is essential when multiple sessions run in parallel.
  • Please ensure a positive presentation and questions session for everyone.

Enjoy the conference!